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100Free Spins
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Droid! That catchy jingle might always be in your head when you use an Android device to play the mobile casino app of your choice. As the main competitor to the iPhone, Android devices offer an alternative to the granddaddy of them all, the Apple products. The Android’s presence has grown over the last few years, and phones and tablets within the Android world offer more customization and often cost a bit less.

Android operating system

Thanks to the growing popularity of Android devices, most major mobile casinos offer their software on the Android network and within the Android app store. Major players like Slotland and Jackpot City make their casino games available to Android users, and allow for exciting game play. The speed of the Android devices are a big draw for casino gamers, as processing power can make or break your bets at times. The Android operating system is a great platform for playing your favorite casino games.


The one drawback to Androids is that there are quite a few different mobile providers, Samsung is one example, and depending on the provider and the device within that provider, some mobile casino games may perform better than others. Slots generally perform very well on Android devices, and mobile casinos like Jackpot City have put in a good amount of effort to make sure that close to all slot apps work for Android users.


Keep an eye out for the green, Android Robot icon on mobile casino apps to make sure that your Android device is compatible with that casino’s mobile software.